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NEA-Retired Benefits

neaNEA-Retired membership lets members continue a wide range of NEA benefits they enjoyed before retirement, as well as a host of other health, insurance and investment programs geared specifically for their needs. The discount programs alone will help NEA and OEA-Retired membership pay for itself.

NEA-Retired membership includes access to these programs:

  • $1million liability protection for substitute employment.
  • Exclusive Health and Homeowners Insurance including NEA MemberCare Medicare Supplement Program.
  • Affordability Life, Travel and Accident Insurance.
  • Affordable long-term care insurance.
  • Above Average Income and Retirement Investments. These include the NEA-Sponsored Gold Certificate CD, the NEA-Sponsored FDIC-Insured Money Market Account, and the NEA Valuebuilder Annuity.
  • Credit Cards with low annual percentage rates and no annual fee.
  • The NEA Home Financing Program, which saves you time and money on your home mortgage.
  • Low-interest Credit through NEA Line of Credit and the NEA Credit Plan.
  • Publications such as NEA Today¬†and the quarterly NEA-R publication This Active Life: an NEA magazine for NEA-Retired Members.
  • NEA Online – nea.org
  • Discounts on Magazines and Car Rentals.