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Chairperson – Mary Binegar, Central

Vice Chairperson – Phil A. Long, Western

 Past Chairperson – John Hoyes, Eastern

 Secretary – Peg Ham, North Eastern

 Capital Rep – Jeff Corbin

 Central Rep – Barry Alcock

East Central Rep – Kathleen Purdy

 Eastern Rep – Rita Walters

 North Central Rep – Judy Novak

 North Eastern Rep – Donna Smoot-Walters

 Northwestern Rep – Sue Cramer

 Southeastern Rep – Jane Miller 

 Southwestern Rep – Judy Buschle

 Western Rep – Sandy Coe

 Educational Support Rep – Barbara Catalano

 High Education Rep – Julia Basham

 At-Large Rep – Beverly Woolridge

 OEA Director – Carol Kinsey



 Legislative – Wil Vickery

 Newsletter Editor/Web Master – Jack Boyd

 FCPE – Tom Moscovic

 Staff Liaison – Todd Jaeck


All members may be contacted by mail: %OEA-R, PO Box 2550, Columbus OH 43216


For a list of NEA-Retired Leaders click here