OEA-R District Websites


The links below will take you to each District’s Retired website. Districts are responsible for the content on their sites.

Capital OEA-R      Central OEA-R      East Central OEA-R

Eastern OEA-R      North Central OEA-R      North Eastern OEA-R 

Northwestern OEA-R      Southeastern OEA-R      Southwestern OEA-R

Western OEA-R


 Other Links of Interest

th-2  Donate to the Fund for Children and Public Education

th  Ohio State Teachers’ Retirement System

th-2  School Employees Retirement System

th-1  Ohio Public Employees Retirement System

th-1   Social Security Administration

th  Medicare

th-1  Express Scripts

oea-logo-banner  Ohio Education Association

nea  National Education Association